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C Purlin Forming Machine – without Hole Punching

Project Description

The weight of the Machine: 6.0T
The total dimension of machine: (length)8.0m x (width)1.4m x (height)1.6m
1) Decoiler

  •  Tightening of coil: By Manual
  •  Weight capacity of decoiler: 5.0T
  •  Inner diameter of decoiler: 380-550mm
  •  Max outer diameter of decoiler: 1600mm

2) Feeding and Leveling Device

  • It used for making the material flat before feeding into the roll forming machine
  • 11 rollers (five upper and six lower)

3) Rolling Forming System

  • main motor type: frequency motor
  • motor power: 15KW
  • Drive: chain
  • speed of forming: 8-15m/min
  • material of roller: Cr12
  • Motor for width adjusting: 2.25 KW (0.75KW*3)
  • 16 groups rollers
  • material of main shaft: 40Cr (The main shaft have the high frequency grinding & heat Treatment and the surface of
  • shaft is chroming
  • diameter of main shaft: ø75-89mm

Machine Components

a) Manual Decoiler 1 set
b) Feeding and Leveling Device 1 set
c) Hydraulic punching and cutting 1 set
d) Rolling forming machine 1 set
e) Post cutting 1 set
f) Product support frame 1 set
g) PLC control system 1 set

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