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We are the reputed importers and island wide supplier of a wide range of quality industrial machinery and equipment for such industries as construction, carpentry, food processing etc. We are dedicated to empowering the SMEs of Sri Lanka by sourcing the cutting edge technologies to streamline the quality and the effectiveness the processes. Riyon International has built strategic partnerships with international manufacturers, especially in Asia, to provide wide range of cutting edge industrial machineries & equipments for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs at a competitive price in conjunction with excellent technical customer support service.
  • Reliable Products
    We guarantee the quality and reliability of all the machines we import and supply. All the manufacturers are carefully selected after a thorough analysis and field visits. All the supplied items carry manufacturer warranty and Riyon International too provides the technical support and warranty claiming assistance
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  • Quality Services
    All the machines involve many technical and technologies complexities. Without qualified personals, the operational can be difficult and some time can damage the item or the raw materials. Understanding this situation, we offer free technical service as part of our pre and post sales service.
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Main Dealers of Riyon International

Who We Are

Riyon International (Pvt) Ltd is a well established as an importer & supplier of machineries for small to medium enterprises in Sri Lanka. We have built strategic alliances with renowned manufacturers in China & India after a careful analysis and based on the product superiority, after sale service and technical support. Our expertise is not limited to importing and supply, we offer complete service right from the importing, logistic, delivery, installation and pre and post technical consultancy/support making all the processes of buying new machinery simple and hassle free for the customers.

Our Continuing Growth

Riyon International is experiencing a continuous & steady growth in the market place
Over Clients

% Customer Satisfaction
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Why Choose Riyon International

The unique features of Riyon that set us apart from the competition of the market place

International Partnership

Strong partnerships with international manufacturers to offer unparallel product warrantee & technical support for our customers

Complete Service

We offer complete related services from importing, logistics, delivery, installation and technical support for the machines we supply free of charge for our clients.

Island wide Delivery

We have the island wide delivery capacity with dedicated technical personals to handle all the hassle of careful delivery.

Our Products

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    Industries We Serve

    Riyon International (Pvt) Ltd is guided by the vision to empower and equip the Sri Lanka industries with the cutting edge technologies to improve the quality, efficiency and ultimately gain the competitive advantage in the national & international markets. We pride ourselves for making a impactful contribution to the following industries.
    Food processing


    “Riyon International enabled us to “test drive” and compare machines, given invaluable advice not just on equipment but the sustainability and, importantly, were honest about long term running costs, matched and beat all other competitors”

    “The proactive approach of Riyon in their technical support and customer support is excellent and most importantly understood they were working with a SMEs that doesn’t have a large budget”

    “Riyon International has been a long established supplier for us . We have always been extremely happy with their quality of products and level of service”

    “I am confident and impressed in the servicing and testing of our equipment and machines by Riyon engineers, which makes me feel comfortable that staff can use them safely and effectively.”