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Quality Services

Technical Consultancy

The joint expertise of local and foreign expertise is the rare service you can expect when you request our products. We offer pre as well as post sales technical support and education to make best decisions with regards to the machineries. The customers can expect a complete knowledge and practical know-how from our qualified engineers. And as a result you can make the best choice for your investment by purchasing the machine that meets your requirements. In case you are dissatisfied with our service, you can request the service of foreign engineers under certain conditions.

Imports & Delivery

We are capable of importing and supplying any equipment or machineries from global manufacturers as per the customer requirements. We understand that importing and the logistic process can be burdensome and costly to handle with no guarantee of success. Riyon International has the resources, network and the expertise to import and supply any machinery with a guarantee from the manufacturer and our technical support


Installation of machineries is critical to proper functioning, avoid accidents and costly repairs. Most customers have no access to technical know-hows to proper installation of their machineries and the average knowledge is inadequate to handle the most modern machineries.
We have the service of qualified and trained professionals and engineers to handle installations and initial set up of any machinery we supply. And even we have the resources to provide the expertise of foreign engineers under special conditions or for an emergency situation.

Maintenance & Service

With our experienced technical personals and the qualified engineers, Riyon International offers maintenance and service of machineries we offer. The high performance machines require periodical maintenance and service to ensure consistent performance and maintain the quality of production. Our trained and experienced personals carry out the maintenance and repair service under the guidance and inspection of engineers. And we also possess the spare parts required for most common failures conjunction with emergency technical support via phone or Email to ensure quick turnaround time.