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Double Layer Roofing Sheet Forming Machine

Project Description

Terms and Conditions:
Installation and Training Conditions:
1) We will provide the instructions for installations of the machine. (videos, catalogue and drawings)
– If customer needs Engineer from China Company we can arrange that facility for you but customer must pay for visa, round ticket, food and accommodation and USD $100/person/day for salary.
– Need one technician to operate the machine (If you need Chinese Engineer, otherwise normal person can be lean to operate this machine.)
– Training time: Three days to five days (Contains the time of installation and adjustment)
– If you bringing Engineers from china customer must provide all facilities during the installation and trading period.
– The installation period would be approximately two week from the date of commencement.

Payment Terms:
Customer should pay 30% of the total payment as an advance. After finished production, before Shipping we will inspect the machine and send you photos and operating video of your machine.
Customer must pay off the whole balance payment (70%) before the machine delivery to the Client’s premises.
– After finished production, we will inspect the machine and inform the buyer, the buyer can come himself or can send another person to inspect goods.

Delivery Time: 60 days from the day deposit advance. We will send container directly to the client’s premises after the clearing process. Customer must bear the machine transport charges and unloading charges.
After service: Any brake down (EXCEPT WRONG OPERATION, WORKER’S FAULT, PURPOSELY BREAKING, CARELESSNESS WORK, also if Sri Lankan Engineers cannot fix the problem) we can bring Engineers from C

Machine Details:-
Machine Total Weight : 5 to 5.5 TON
Roller Material : 45# Steel
Cutter Material : Cr 12
Speed of the Machine : 8m to 12m / min
Feeding Raw Material Wide : 914 / 1000 / 1250 mm (depend by customer request)
Thickness of Raw Material : 0.25– 0.6 mm
No. of Roller Stations : 13 Rolls and 18 Rolls (depend by customer request)
Machine Motor Power : 3 KW
Hydraulic Pump Power : 4 KW
Warranty Period : One Year

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